Customer Service

1.1 Where can I buy CellulitiX™ products?

CellulitiX™ Cream and Massager are both easy to order online from our web shop at The product is also sold in selected institutions directed to skin care and health. With growing interest, more clinics, institutes and salons and medical institutions will sell CellulitiX™ Cream and Massager. We will keep you informed via our website.

1.2 Does CellulitiX™ cellulite cream help? When can I expect results?

The CellulitiX™ cellulite cream and cellulite massager have gone through extensive scientific investigation. The results can be found on our website. The studies carried out focused on the objective and subjective results of using Cellulitix during 6 weeks. We paid particular attention to the circumference measurement of the legs, skin texture, the degree of cellulite present, the customer experience, psychological factors and customer satisfaction. The first three studies showed that women experienced a great result because their skin felt smoother and tighter. For full details of these studies, refer to the subpages Science behind CellulitiX™. Most women noticed the changes after one week; tighter skin feeling and significantly less cellulite after 4-6 weeks (reduction of dimples and bumps on the skin). If the cellulite is more advanced, the cure can be extended by another 6 weeks. If there are no effects within 12 weeks, you are eligible for other treatment options. If you have questions or concerns about treatment options, please contact us.

1.3 How can I get even better results?

Use the CellulitiX™ cellulite cream and the cellulite massager as an important part of your daily anti cellulite treatment, according to the CellulitiX™ treatment schedule. By using the cream and accompanying massager, a significant reduction of the cellulite will be experienced within 4-6 weeks. To strengthen the results, as well as using the CellulitiX™ cellulite cream and cellulite massager, please pay attention to your weight (the best is a BMI under 25), exercise a sporting activity (e.g., 2-3x per week), and stop smoking. These are important to achieve the maximum cellulite reduction. If you have questions about diet, exercise, and smoking, please contact us.

1.4 What if I have undergone treatment according to the shock and treatment phase and still perceive little result?

The most common cause of an insufficient effect is simple, not following the rules of the phase. We have extensively researched which regimes are needed to achieve optimal results. Therefore the treatment regime should be followed accurately, and the full course should be completed. It may not produce the desired result on advanced cellulite within 6 weeks. We, therefore, recommend keeping on with shock treatment phase for about six weeks. If this proves to be unsatisfactory, please contact us to see what other treatment options would be better for you. Also, there may be several factors, with an adverse influence on the course of treatment. Factors include lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and smoking. There are also factors that cannot be influenced, such as hormonal or genetic influences. If you are not sure about the factors that play a role in your cellulite formation and you want more advice about this, please contact us.

1.5 What is unique about the CellulitiX™ cellulite cream compared with other anti-cellulite creams?

Most anti-cellulite products on the market have only low doses (ranging from less than 1%) of components that might act on the structure and metabolism of the skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissues. Our dosages, however, are significantly higher but are kept secret to prevent other companies from copying our product. Long-term scientific research has been conducted into developing the unique Betan CellumiX Triple Component™, comprising a combination of an optimal dose of Adiposlim™, caffeine and retinylpalmitate, in such a proportion the product remains stable and there is no risk of side effects. Research has been extensively carried out on which factors reduce cellulite and how topical creams (spreadable on the skin) can be effective against cellulite.